About Me

This year, I decided to take my life in a new direction. That direction would be one with less restriction, less “wants,” and less hesitation. I am beginning to realize the importance of going with the flow and am taking steps toward the things that truly make me feel complete. One of those things is serving others, but rather than serve others at my own expense I am learning that I can both serve the world and serve myself at the same time. Though it’s certainly a struggle, I have a great support system and have the amazing opportunity to spend a year in the Dominican Republic as a long-term missioner serving the people of Las Lomas. Through a formation program, I am taking time to learn about myself and my faith while doing what I love – helping others.

This blog is a snippet of my life – my thoughts, my travel adventures, my faith, my personality all rolled into a nice little blog for your enjoyment.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Read about you in the VITAE Valencia’s magazine. I am so proud to know I have a small life event with someone so spectacular…..we both graduated from VCC-Orlando.

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